Job and Career Resources

To save you considerable time and effort, here are free resources with additional information about career and employment-related matters.


The Internet contains a wealth of employment-related information and tools, but there is so much material, it can become overwhelming.  My goal has been to make employment information from a multitude of sources accessible to people, including veterans and individuals with disabilities, who need it.

The Job and Career Resources links will direct you material by authors, bloggers and employment advice experts, all who have a point of view about employment matters.  Topics include where the jobs are, how to prepare for an interview, career assessments and more.

The authors of the material may disagree about topics like whether or not to send a cover letter with your resume and what type of resume you should send.  You alone can decide based on your personal circumstances, comfort level and employment-related situation which material is best suited to you.

Please take the time to explore these websites as well as other Internet[1] sites for additional employment-related material. The comments also may be helpful, but only you can decide which information is suitable for you.


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[1]  The third-party websites are identified for your convenience, and are not maintained by Parthenon Enterprises, Inc.  Accordingly, access to these websites is subject to the third parties’ discretion and their decision to make the material available.