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Beverly A. Williams
Beverly A. Williams
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I’m Beverly A. Williams, author of “Your GPS to Employment Success” and a multifaceted labor and employment attorney who is a cross between Judge Judy, Whoopi Goldberg and Jean Chatzky. As a result of my legal, literary and human resources experience I’ve seen and heard it all.  I’m connected to employment trends and developments and continuously listen to and advise Millennials, Gen Xers, Boomers and others.  We learn through each other.

With a remarkable gift for finding the right turn of phrase and for finding the humor in human interactions in today’s employment arena and workplace, I bring considerable skills, story-telling ability and personal and professional experiences to candid discussions with my career counseling clients of all ages.

My skills and training enable me not only to ask clients tough, probing questions about their vision of their employment future but also to be empathetic, respectful, yet truthful about their efforts thus far and their future plans.  Together we develop a career strategy. I don’t judge or coach. I give advice and guidance which I leave to the client to accept or reject.

I have lectured at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Rutgers University and conducted employment-skills workshops and seminars for people of all ages. As Vice President of Automatic Data Processing, Inc.’s Corporate Employment Law Services Department, I was responsible for providing advice and counsel about employment law and labor matters to the company’s C-Suite executives, HR professionals, and sales and service management.

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