Beverly A. Williams

Beverly A. Williams

Author of
Your GPS to Employment Success: How to Find and Succeed in the Right Job

I’m Beverly Williams, author, employment and former HR professional, arbitrator and lecturer. Parthenon Enterprises, Inc. is a content development company I began several years ago. “Your Employment Matters” is the brand of employment-related programming and written materials developed by Parthenon.

Your GPS to Employment Success: How to Find and Succeed in the Right Job is my latest employment/career advice book for anyone seeking employment or a promotion. It continues and updates the discussion I began in my first book, Get the Job • Done ☑  about what individuals can do to maximize their success in the employment arena.

Mission: Parthenon’s mission is to develop entertaining, informative, and instructive employment–related programming and written material and to make them available on multiple media platforms. Our goal is to empower readers, listeners and viewers of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and genders to be more successful in employment matters.

Issues: People who have always worked are unemployed or underemployed and struggling or unable to care for their families. Those who have jobs do not (or should not) feel that their employment future is secure. They do not know how long they will have the jobs they have or they do not feel that they can move up where they are currently employed.

Young people and even more experienced individuals will need to compete for jobs and other opportunities such as internships, scholarships, and apprenticeships. Given the seismic changes in the employment landscape, information and preparation are essential to achieve favorable results.

Recommendation: I advocate using Dorothy Vaughan, a NASA mathematician and computer programmer, and the person played by Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer in the widely-acclaimed film, Hidden Figures, as a role model. Ms. Vaughn developed and successfully executed employment and career strategies. Quite simply, she was proactive. Among other things, she paid attention to industry developments and acquired additional skills.

I welcome the opportunity to explore how I can contribute to organizational and individual efforts to prepare members and families for the ever-challenging employment reality.