Your Guide Through The Fog of the New Employment Reality . . .

Get The Job - Done!

Once upon a time, 

  • Mutual loyalty and trust between employees and employers should not be taken for granted.
  •  Employees were highly regarded and enjoyed job security.
  •  Employees recruited their loved ones to work for their employer.
  •  Employees worked for the same employer until they retired.

Well, the fairy tale is over . . .  There is a New Employment Reality!

  • Mutual loyalty and trust between employees and employers should not be taken for granted.
  • Loyalty and trust, while important, are not always reciprocated.
  • Jobs have been eliminated or moved to another country or state.
  • Outsourcing, restructuring, and maximizing profitability are now move familiar concepts to employees.

What is the one constant?   Success is driven first and foremost by You.

Consequently, you should think differently about employment.  Why?  It’s simple.

There is a New Employment Reality and it doesn’t remotely resemble your parents’ or grandparents’ employment experiences.

Services from Beverly A. Williams

Career-Readiness/Job Search Workshops

    • Educational institutions
    • Religious organizations
    • Civic organizations
    • Social organizations


    • Objective: To prepare individuals responsible for advising and counselling people in career and employment matters to use “Get the Job • Done as a learning tool.
    • Selected in-house individuals receive instructor led training from a curriculum based on “Get the Job • Done .”

One-on-One Career-Consulting to…

    • Develop your personal career plan
    • Execute your career strategy

Group Career-Consulting to Address How to…

    • Develop personal career plans
    • Execute career strategies

Personal Branding

    • Are you sure that is the statement you want to make?
    • What to do if your current brand does not serve you well.
    • What can you learn about personal branding from Miss Piggy?

Personal Shopping and Makeovers

    • Creating a New You. . .
    • After a life-changing event.
    • For a new professional or personal role.
    • Just to make you feel good.

Employment Law Seminars for Small Businesses

One-on-One Employment Law Training 

Workplace Investigations

Keynote Speaker