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Why Unions are Still Needed in Today’s Workplace

In this episode of Your Employment Matters, we continue the series on Labor Management Relations. After years of decline in union membership, the changes in the workplace after the pandemic, and the Great Resignation, there is now a cautious optimism about a resurgence of unionism.

Our guest today is Stuart Davidson, Esq. who is a partner at Willig, Williams & Davidson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Stuart represents public and private benefit funds, and fights to preserve the ability of workers to retire with dignity and have access to affordable health care. His work for unions includes leading contract negotiations, presenting interest and grievance arbitrations and advising on external and internal union matters.

“It takes a monumental effort to successfully organize workers.” – Stuart Davidson

While Stuart was in college, he was challenged by his great uncle to get to know and work with the working-class people of America.  He began by working as a Union Organizer in North Carolina in the 1970s. Beside the social and economic aspects inhibiting union organization, Stuart saw that lawyers dominated the field and denied workers the opportunity to build a better future. He decided to attend law school and become a union lawyer. Stuart has been representing unions and workers for 42 years.

Key topics discussed:

  • The duality of sides of workers and management
  • The effects of the change from a defined benefit plan (earned pension) to a defined contribution plan (401k’s)
  • The rise in union memberships, especially among the young workers
  • The changes in the workplace over the decades, especially as they impact the relationship between workers and management

“I believe that labor is a failed process.” – Stuart Davidson

The workplace and labor laws need to change so that employees will get paid fairly, get the benefits they deserve, and have a healthy working environment. This conversation between Beverly and Stuart has conflicting perspectives, and insights. Hopefully, anyone who wants to know more about labor relations, and the benefits of being a part of a union will find it informative, and thought provoking.

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