Job Search 101

Prepare for Your Job Search Journey

The search for employment requires that you prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.  Financial issues, rejection, no response or acknowledgement to resumes and telephone calls are results you may experience as you search for a job. There are many resources available that can aid you in preparing for your job search. Some resources we recommend are below.


Four Glaring Signs Your Job Search Is Not Working and 19 Ways to Improve It by Lynne Sarikas

6 Sites That Make Job Hunting Less Painful by Kaitlyn Russell

8 Ways to Beat Your Coworkers to a Promotion by Markham Heid

6 Office Kitchen Etiquette Guidelines by Jessica Hagy

6 Things You Can Do Before Breakfast to Make Your Day a Success by Gurbaksh Chahal

The Cardinal Rules of Properly Using Business Cards by Jada A. Graves

12 Habits of Productive People by Amanda Chan

College Diplomas Are the New Normal by Matt Ferguson CEO of CareerBuilder

5 Lessons to Learn on Your First Job by Rhona Bronson

How to Survive 3 Layoffs in 2 Years & Still Get a Job QuicklyJ.T. O’Donnell

It’s Never Too Late to Change CareersJ.T. O’Donnell

How to Decode Job Descriptionsby Miriam Salpeter

The Holistic Root

Anxiety, Depression and the Job Search – Four stories about the emotional issues that accompany an extended job search.

Unemployed? Tips To Go From Being Unemployed To Employed – Tips to handle being unemployed.

Unemployment & Job Loss Support-Handling Layoff Stress while Unemployed and Job Searching  – Tips for preserving self-esteem and self-respect during unemployment.

Managing Your Finances While Unemployed – Tips on how to manage your finances your finances during unemployment.

Train Like an Olympian – Like an Olympic athlete who needs incredible endurance and strength to compete, you’ll need endurance and strength during your job search.

Five Tips for Job Hunting – Five things you can do to help facilitate your job search.

What Advice Do You Have For Job Searchers?  – Advice from CEO’s entrepreneurs and investors.


“The Holistic Root To Managing Anxiety” by Maria Tabone provides a number of options for managing the stress and anxiety you will likely experience as you look for employment.

“The Resiliency Advantage: Master Change, Thrive Under Pressure, and Bounce Back from Setbacks” by Al Siebert, Ph.D.  – According to one description, this book helps readers banish negative, self-defeating thoughts and improves problem-solving skills.

“What Color is Your Parachute”by Dick Bolles  – This book is considered by many to be the seminal job search/career resource.