Legal Rights and Pre-Employment

(Drug Testing, Background Checks and Polygraphs)


“Ban the Box, A Resource Guide” (January 2014) from the National Employment Law Project (NELP) identifies U.S. cities and counties that have adopted hiring policies to eliminate barriers to employment for qualified workers with criminal records. The reform movement commonly known as “ban the box” calls for the removal of conviction history questions from job applications. Over the past nine years, major jurisdictions, including Chicago, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Memphis, and Baltimore have adopted policies

“Statewide Ban the Box Reducing Unfair Barriers to Employment of People with Criminal Records” (November 2013) from NELP identifies states that typically have enacted initiatives typically remove the question on the job application about an individual’s conviction history and delay the background check inquiry until later in the hiring process.
The Hiring Process – Identifies the potential legal issues that can arise at various stages of the hiring process.

Legal Issues in Employment & Hiring – Your rights as a job seeker or employee.

Legal Rights During the Hiring Process – Access to a guide to your rights in the hiring process, topics and other things employers should avoid.

Potential Legal Issues – Access to employee rights topics.

Appearance Discrimination – 7 Ways You Can Be Fired For Your Appearance — Legally.

Is Weight Discrimination Illegal? – Some protection at the workplace for overweight people.

Common lies on resumes – Why lying on your resume is not a good idea.