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How Lifestyle Changes Can Transform Your Environment & Your Purpose

In a recent Washington Post poll, 1 in 5 Americans in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia regions have considered changing careers and are seriously assessing whether or not to make a professional change. With all the recent talk about the Great Resignation which we’ve already covered, it’s safe to assume people everywhere are feeling the same and people are open to possibilities like never before.

Ximena Yanez Soto, made a major shift in her 20-year career as the CFO for a major environmental fund to healing a chronic health condition that later become the awakening she needed to move into becoming a health coach in a way that has been rewarding as a career and a service to humanity.

The lessons Ximena is sharing:

  • How she came to find her passion helping others find alternative
  • Believe in your power to change yourself
  • Transformation is hard and requires belief
  • Discipline is key in transformation, motivation alone doesn’t work
  • Conscious eating will heal the planet
  • Transforming your internal state with mind and body

The thing is, the process I have to go through in my mind. 

Who I think I am and the things I think I can achieve.

– Ximena Yanez Soto

Ximena’s journey is reflective of what an open and curious mind can do when faced with challenges. Every part of her story she shares is evidence of the values she has adopted which include self-belief, the power you have to change and transform your lifestyle and career, and what it takes to be who you dare aspire to be.

If you are looking at ways to save the planet and be healthier, Ximena shares some of the ideas she writes about in her book Healthy Planet Healthy You. Thinking that you have to have degrees, tons of money, or too much time on your hands to lower emissions and contribute to a healthier planet is literally as simple as eating a healthier and more clean diet for yourself. 

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