Your employment matters.

Changes in how we work are happening fast. Employers know they need to adapt to today’s workers and the demands of the marketplace. Whether you’re employed or unemployed changes in technology and AI have altered the jobs landscape forever.

Your employment success and survival depend on your ability to adjust to change. This 30-minute podcast with host Beverly Williams is here to advocate embracing change. We’re going to show you how to use it to your advantage.

You’ll hear from experts how have charted their careers successfully so far. We’ll cover trends and changes as they happen.

Get your workweek off to a good start with Your Employment Matters every Monday.

Episode 1 Listen Here

Beverly is an employment expert. In today’s inaugural episode, she breaks down how perception is reality and how to benefit from standing out.
Guest Alexis Jones joins Beverly to discuss how to transition in today’s job market.

Episode 2 Listen Here

Find out why you can become your own career adviser. Hiring a coach is a great option, but it’s not always possible. Knowing how to advocate for yourself is invaluable. Get insights to multiple options that are often overlooked. Many positions go unfilled for lack of knowledgeable skilled employees.

Beverly talks with Dr. Huber. He has a successful dental practice, he’s an avid runner and has a rock-star son. Seriously.

Episode 3 Listen Here

Networking works! Especially if you nurture your network all the time instead of only when you are in job-search mode. Dr. Julie Lane-Hailey Ph.D shares the single best question you can ask when you begin a new position. (This works in any job!)

Episode 4 Listen Here

It’s not every day that you get to talk to a rock star. Beverly interviews Sean Huber, a musician, songwriter and yes, a legit rock star.

Hear how Sean was able to follow his passion. He knew at a young age that he wanted to be in a band. Like most of us, his career didn’t take a predictable path.

Episode 5 Listen Here

Worker shortage? Yes! Today’s episode covers how economic and generational changes are impacting the workforce requirements.

Guest Dr. Betty Ann Cook joins Beverly and they discuss the new opportunities that are available. Many have increased in demand even more during the current pandemic timeframe.

Episode 6 Listen Here

Yes, you can build a successful and productive life after incarceration. Today’s episode discusses tips and tools on how to overcome barriers to employment and build a life for yourself and your family. Jason and Justin are sharing their expereince in the hopes that it will help others.

If you have anything on your record, face it head on. It is possible to get a job, but you will have to work hard to get a desirable one.

Episode 7 Listen Here

Beverly’s niece Erica McKenzie joins her on this episode to discusses the importance of acquiring skills and training to better position yourself for the current job market. While college is not for everyone, it is wise to look at the opportunities that a vocational program can offer.  Vocational programs can be completed faster, with less expense, and lead to good paying careers.  A great example of this is the health care industry, which is thriving in this economy.

Episode 8 Listen Here

Today’s guest is Maria Tabone, author of “The Holistic Root to Managing Anxiety.”  This is a resource to manage the stress of life, including the stress that comes along with seeking employment. The information shared on this podcast is for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional with any concerns.