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Coping with Grief and Losses during the Pandemic with Kathleen Blair

The pandemic has caused incredible loss and grief. Loss of a loved one, loss of job, loss of business, or loss of direction. Each loss is different, and everyone goes through a different grief journey. 

In this episode, Kathleen Blair will share her personal journey. It led her to inspire others to deal with life loss and grief with grace. Before starting her career as a grief and loss coach, Kathleen had a successful career in sales, the only woman on her sales team.  

She is indeed a trailblazer. Kathleen experienced setbacks one after another. While dealing with grief, she learned to use her talents and rely on her faith to build a new life.  

In 2012, Kathleen became certified as a grief and loss coach. She also contributed to one of Amazon’s bestselling books, The Lemonade Stand 2, which is about various stories of life struggle (lemons) and getting through them (making lemonade).  

Currently Kathleen runs her business, Hope Renewed LLC. She’s just completed the 12-week course on grief and its stages. Kathleen’s career transition was triggered by the series of life events and losses she personally experienced. Beverly noted that Kathleen has been preparing for this all along. 

Beverly and Kathleen talk about the transitions that emanate from various forms of losses in life like the death of a marriage, senior living, or downsizing a home after children have left. With changes come the journey to a different mindset focused on today’s new reality and circumstances.  

When dealing with loss:  

  • Build back by recognizing what you do well. 
  • There are a lot of things you are not in control of especially at work.  
  • You may fail but you are not a failure.  
  • It’s okay to rebuild and try again. 
  • Don’t let anyone marginalize you. 
  • Manage expectations and train like an Olympian. 
  • Have another stream of income.  
  • Have a plan and begin networking and making connections. 

Hear Beverly’s advice about taking a proactive approach in your current job, and always work on your network. Developing communications and presentation skills is just one example of things you can work out, with or without support from your employer.  

Kathleen, a former recruiter, has this excellent tip for job hunters: 

“Send a federal express letter to human resources, to the person that is in that position. Get the company’s annual report. Find out who the key person is in that field that you want to go in (the department) and send them a personal letter with your resume attached and a strong reason why you would be a perfect candidate for the position that is available (that you know about.).” 

Focus on giving a good first impression 

Dealing with loss is part of life, but it doesn’t have to derail you. Be open to opportunities and be honest about the support you need. It’s your personal journey, but you don’t have to do it alone.  

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