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Navigating Labor Management Relations and Career Strategies

Join host Beverly Williams in this episode of Your Employment Matters as she delves into the dynamic world of labor-management relations and shares invaluable career strategies to empower listeners in their job search journey. With insightful commentary and practical advice, Beverly explores key developments shaping the employment landscape and offers actionable insights for success.

Beverly draws upon her extensive expertise in employment matters to guide listeners through the intricacies of labor management relations and effective career strategies. With years of experience as an author and advocate for employment success, Beverly brings a wealth of knowledge, offering invaluable insights for navigating today’s competitive job market.

“You want to convey the message that ‘I am a professional.’” – Beverly Williams

Key insights shared in this episode are:

  • Navigating Disability Disclosure
  • Career Strategies for Success
  • Practical Actions for Navigating the Workplace

Beverly also emphasizes the importance of gratitude, preparation, and perseverance while looking for a job. It’s more than your qualifications and experience that will get you your dream job.

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  • [07:21 to 08:21] If you’re new to an industry or dissatisfied with the compensation and perks that you you’ve received to date, become better informed about how things are done. How do you go about increasing the number or the quality of the perks that you are receiving? Is it possible for you to do this? It may not be, but typically there are active and retired professionals who will willingly offer advice and share their experience. Now I’m an advocate of multiple income streams and consider whether you can turn a passion, or avocation into an income generating venture. Creating multiple income streams and turning a revenue generating venture into a brand or product are examples of how creative people can be in trying times.
  • [21:56 to 22:41] You also want to convey that not only are you looking for a job, you’re looking to be an asset to someone. You’re looking to help someone. make their job easier. So you create a win -win because usually when we look for a job, we only think, oh, I need a job. You have to think about the other side of that. That manager, that hiring person is looking for somebody to help them make their life easier. Very few people talk about that. You want to do enough research so you can talk to that person. You know what their job is. You know what they do and how you can help them.
  • Often in work environments, employees get information in different ways.

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