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Applying Collaborative Law Principles to Employment Challenges

Often courts are the place to settle disputes about family matters, estate dealings, and even employment issues. However, taking disputes to court is expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally exhausting. In this episode, Beverly Williams is joined by esteemed attorney Marcia Werner. Marcia introduces us to the world of Collaborative Law, and how it can be a better way to resolve legal disagreements, even in labor-
management disputes.

Marcia is an accomplished attorney with over 45 years of experience in family law, employment law, and other legal specialties. She has a passion for helping others. Her dedication to promoting constructive dialogue and sharing her knowledge about Collaborative Law prompted a discussion about applying it to labor-management disputes. With Marcis’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to promoting a better way to resolve legal disputes, she brings a different perspective to the table.

“If your mind is telling you that you’ve been wronged, then you may fight to the end to try to vindicate your position.”

Marcia Werner

Marcia introduces us to Collaborative Law, an alternative dispute resolution process. It’s employed for legal matters where each party hires an attorney along with other professionals, such as financial experts or mental health professionals to negotiate an agreement without ever going to court. Collaborative Law is more commonly practiced in estate disputes, divorce, and family law.

Today we explore how Collaborative Law might be used in labor and employment issues. With the rising interest in unionism, labor strikes, and changes in the world of employment, perhaps now is the time to consider whether the Collaborative Law process will hasten dispute resolution.

Marcia also talks about:

  • The origins of Collaborative Law
  • The importance of transparency
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration

This episode provides fresh optimism and knowledge that there are avenues for conflict
resolution other than court.

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