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Overcoming All Odds and Achieving Success

One of the guarantees in life is that we’ll face challenges. No matter what you do, there will come a time when you’ll need to decide whether to give up or keep going. Our guest today shares some impressive stories of working through difficulties, how he stayed on task, and moved forward.

“You should be asking what’s the right way to do something. And the right way isn’t always easy.” – Brendon Spencer

Brandon Spencer is a Physical Therapist who competed a Physical Therapist Assistant Program after graduating from college.

His path to becoming a Physical Therapist is not just a testament to his professional dedication, but a story of tenacity and unwavering determination. Despite battling anxiety disorder during his first year of college and enduring a herniated disc in his spine during his final year, Brendon refused to let that stop him. He walked to class on crutches and took his final exams while lying on the classroom floor. His commitment to his education reflects his grit, and is a story still being told today by some of his professors.

Also discussed in this episode:

  • Choosing the right degree and school
  • How passive income provides freedom and flexibility
  • Understanding your value and marketability in the job market

Brandon’s story is inspirational and tells us that we can make things happen, achieve our goals, and have the life we want, no matter what our circumstances might be. Listen in to be filled with insights, motivation, and Brendon’s inspiring story.

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  • [11:05 to 11:49] What should you be asking? What’s the easiest you for you to do? What’s the right way to do it? Keep in mind, the right way isn’t always easy. You may become frustrated when you realize that worthwhile achievements aren’t necessarily easy. It takes work, planning, preparation, persistence, and perseverance. All those P’s. 

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