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Empowerment and Embracing Change with Pastor Frank Legette

In a special episode of “Your Employment Matters,” we take a different approach to our  usual interviews. Our guest today is a captivating, inspirational speaker whose  perspective on life will keep you enthralled. With personal anecdotes and words of  wisdom, this episode has a special message. 

Frank E. Legette, III, carries four decades of pastoral ministry experience, currently  serving as the esteemed pastor of Grace Tabernacle Church in Norristown, PA. It was  within this role that his remarkable ministry for women, The Women’s Empowerment  HQ, came into existence. His life’s mission is to empower women to achieve the love  they desire, deserve, and have dreamed of since their childhood. Pastor Frank is also a  multi-talented screenwriter, film director, and producer. More than women will find  Pastor Frank message worthwhile. 

“If Plan A is not working, you have to go to Plan B.”

– Pastor Frank Legette

In this powerful episode, Pastor Frank imparts three major lessons: 

  • Importance of having the right tools 
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people 
  • Consistently improving yourself and your situation 

“I am the sum total of great individuals in my life whose shoulders I stand  on.”

– Pastor Frank Legette 

This episode also delves into the practical skill of awareness—knowing what’s happening in your surroundings, industry, and community. As the world evolves rapidly,  staying informed and knowledgeable is vital for staying ahead. 

Tune in to this enlightening episode for wisdom, inspiration, and practical advice from  Pastor Frank Legette. 

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