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Navigating Labor Laws and Labor Relations with Dean Burrell

This episode of Your Employment Matters is the first in a series on labor-management  relations. Given the recent news and headlines about labor unions and striking workers,  this series aims to demystify the labor-management framework including the governing legislation, regulations and decisions that shape our current system. And who better to  begin this series than our guest, Dean Burrell. 

Mr. Burrell is a distinguished labor and employment attorney, He brings unparalleled  expertise from his experience as a litigator for the National Labor Relations Board,  prominent law firms, and a senior executive in Fortune 500 companies’ labor relations  and HR departments. His experience encompasses labor and employment arbitration,  mediation, fact-finding, and comprehensive workplace investigations. 

In this episode, you will hear: 

● How Dean Burrell went from being kicked out of his university program to his  current profession  

● Some of the ins-and-outs of the labor industry, including labor arbitration, interest  arbitration, fact-finding, employment arbitration and mediation 

● If changes can or should be made to our labor laws 

This episode takes us into the world of labor relations, guided by Dean’s vast  knowledge and experience. More than an exploration of the industry, this episode  serves as a reminder of fundamental concepts in the world of employment: mentorship,  negotiation, protection, and agreements. 

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● [18:04 to 18:38] Mentorship. Finding someone you respect, who’s  knowledgeable, respected in the industry or profession that you want to join and learn what you can from that person. That’s really important. It’s important for  networking. It’s important for acquiring knowledge and how to conduct one’s self  professionally in the industry you seek to become a part of. 


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