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Building Businesses and Building Lives with Kim Sorrelle

In this episode, we’re still discussing employment, but more than that, we’re talking about gratitude, life’s purpose, and love. There are some people who just seem to radiate love and light, and that’s the perfect way to describe our guest for today.

Kim Sorrelle is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, activist, and author. Her entrepreneurial journey included commercial real estate, a golf course, event facilities, catering, a grocery store, and more. Besides building businesses into multi-million-dollar companies, Kim is proud to have weathered the pandemic storm in the food industry, pivoting, keeping staff employed, and seeing the company’s sales grow beyond pre-pandemic numbers. Kim is also the director of Rays of Hope International, a partnering organization working with people who have a passion, a vision, and a mission to help people in their own country and just need someone to walk alongside.

“Whatever you’re passionate about and gifted in, put it to use to help people.” – Kim Sorrelle

Here are three life lessons we can take away from Kim’s experiences:

  • Develop discipline and good habits now. They’re necessary for your success.
  • Always practice gratitude and choose love.
  • Let what you’re passionate about be your gift to the world.

Kim has had a lot of success in her life, but she’s also experienced great loss and went on her own journey to discover love. It’s amazing how someone who’s had as much success as she’s had, and experienced as much as she has, can still be so humble and inviting. Kim truly loves people, and she now shares what she’s learned about the true meaning of love as much as she can.

“Part of it is having the right mindset, that you are capable and you are worthy.” – Kim Sorrelle

So let Kim inspire and encourage you today. Listen to her story, I believe that you’ll leave with lessons that you can apply to your life right away.

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  • [10:44 to 11:11] You’re establishing a reputation, and you’re establishing a pattern for your life. If you’re developing bad habits, it’s difficult to get rid of them. If you’re developing good habits, it’s easier to keep them. So pay your bills on time. Make things work. Don’t over-extend to the point that you’re not going to be able to pay your bills. Look ahead. Plan ahead. Be ambitious, but plan ahead.
  • [14:21 to 14:51] I am on a mission to help people learn the things I learned about love. I think love is misunderstood. I think there’s things we think are love that are not love. I think there’s things done in the name of said, said in the name of love, and have nothing to do with love. And I believe if people truly understand love and what love really is, and how to live it, that it changes your life—certainly changed mine a great deal—and would change the world.
  • Whatever you’re passionate about and gifted it, put it to use to help people.
  • Part of it is having the right mindset, that you are capable and you are worthy.

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