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Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Your Passion with Jen Hardy

There are some people you meet, begin a conversation with, and start sharing pieces of your life with, and instantly you connect. In fact, you feel like the conversation could go on for days. That is exactly what happened in this podcast episode.

Today, I had the pleasure of conversing with Jen Hardy, a proud wife of a veteran, and homeschooling mom of 7. She is also the Podcast Host of Fabulous Over 50, an Author, Speaker, and Community Builder. Every day, she lives out her name Hardy, which means “robust, strong, and capable of enduring difficult conditions.”

“Whatever you’re going to do for your job, take pride in your work.” – Jen Hardy

For years, Jen struggled with her health, going in and out of the hospital, multiple medications, and various diagnoses. Eventually, doctors told her that there was no longer anything they could do for her. Their goal was only to make her as comfortable as possible. 

This is not what you want to hear from medical professionals responsible for your health, but Jen accepted what they said.  Her primary concern was only for her family. 

Well, guess what? Jen is still here. She is still fighting. Moreover, she has discovered her mission which is to help as many women as possible find their inner fabulousness, and transition into the life of their dreams.

Among many topics, Jen and I talked about life, work, missed flights, and our shared dislike for cleaning, and here are some insights you can take to heart:

  • You can do anything you want, but you need to find something and be good at it.
  • No matter what work you do, take ownership and take pride over it.
  • It is important to have the right people in your life who are willing to tell you the truth when you need it, and who will help you see situations outside of yourself.

“If you don’t use your mind, you will lose your mind.” – Beverly

As listen in to this episode, take what you can from the stories we shared and lessons we learned.  Perhaps you will find our experience helpful.

Connect with Jen Hardy:

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