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Aligning Values, Amplifying Performance: Lessons from Paul Teasdale

There are those professionals who, when you look at their portfolio, make you want to stop and ask, “How did they do it?” These are the ones who have worked for multiple high-performing companies, across multiple industries, and yet in each position they held, they delivered excellent results and contributed to the organization. One of these individuals is our guest for today, Paul Teasdale.

For over 20 years, Paul has helped businesses to drive performance, most recently with the McLaren racing team. Through coaching and facilitation support, he helps clients take the approaches and ways of working that deliver elite-level Motorsport performance, and apply them to their own world through facilitation, speaking, and consulting. 

Paul has studied engineering, yet he describes himself as the world’s worst technical engineer. Instead, his interest lies in the practical application of the methodologies of engineering, looking at a certain system or process, and figuring out how else it can be improved.

“We all have transferrable skills. A lot of people just don’t realize it enough.” – Paul Teasdale

Throughout Paul’s professional years, he has learned lots of lessons. Here are three that he shared in this episode:

  • We all have transferrable skills, and these are what will bring us through all the professional changes we will go through.
  • Put in the effort to improve yourself and your professional performance.
  • Learn to identify the data and elements you need that will allow you to make the best decisions.

“How can you adapt what has been learned and then adapt it for your own performance?” – Paul Teasdale

Paul says that any job position should be beneficial for both employee and employer. The values and goals should be aligned. You should bring value to the organization you’re a part of, and you should get the support that you need for you to perform your best.

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