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Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Employing Multiple Income Streams with Michelle Faust

These days, a 9-5 job provides the benefits necessary to someone starting their career. Given the employment landscape’s instability, it also pays to have another source of income, an alternate survival kit.

Today’s episode features the Lemonade Legend, Michelle Faust. She specializes in amplifying the voices of people who have experienced breakthrough moments in their lives. Michelle made it her mission to create the largest storytelling distribution network in the world through print and media exposure.

The Lemonade Stand started with Michelle’s story. Having a severe hearing loss did not stop her. She moved past her limiting beliefs and built a career in the pharmaceutical industry. After a 20-year run and despite being on the top of her game, Michelle was let go from her job. She decided to transition into the entrepreneurial world and now does what she is most passionate about, writing and telling amazing inspirational stories.

Beverly agrees that it’s a devastating thing to lose your job especially after being able to learn to adapt to a disability and be successful. That made a huge difference in Michelle’s financial retirement plan. She pointed out the importance of having a second stream of income. It gave her the ability to pursue options and try out several different things. She knew she might fail at a few until finding her way in another industry.

Beverly and Michelle touched points on the feeling of marginalization once something as important as a successful career is being taken away from you. Learning from that experience and making lemonade out of the “lemons” can bring out the best in anyone. We all have a story to tell, and the healing process can be extraordinary.

The Lemonade Legend company was born out of The Lemonade Stand book anthology series. Presently, Michelle also manages a digital magazine, a publishing house, and a podcast. She is also in the process of producing two TV shows to be featured on the ZondraTV network.

Tips for creating multiple streams of income:

  • Don’t limit yourself because you don’t believe you have the budget to do it. Always look for options.
  • Try to keep your credit rating as high as you possibly can.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you so you can position yourself to not be caught off-guard when industry transitions happen.
  • Network with other people for future referrals.
  • Keep a copy of your employment records like performance reviews. It will come in handy.
  • Find your market or your ideal person before doing all the works.

Michelle encourages everyone to write their story, even if it may not generate money. If someone wants to get their story out, it can also become a legacy. Do what you love, and the money will come.

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