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Keeping the Art of Journalism Alive throughout Industry Transitions, with David Boardman

Over the years, the employment landscape has changed and continues to change. Industry transitions bring shifts in individual career choices, paths, and opportunities. Where there are radical industry changes, adjustments are necessary to enable the industry and its workers to move forward, survive, and thrive.

Today’s episode features David Boardman, former Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of the Seattle Times, the largest news organization in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently the Dean of the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The radical change in the newspaper and magazine industry, brought on by the internet’s impact on the industry’s business model stunned journalists. David has a lot to share about transitions that occurred over the years in journalism especially in the newspaper/media industry. 

Beverly and David discuss the various disciplines associated with media and communication, and the need for journalists to have strong digital skills and an understanding of how social media works.

David believes that journalism remains an excellent career option. Significantly,  journalism has proven to be an essential means of preserving the tenets of a democratic society

As we move through periods of transition, David gave points to remember on defining news accuracy and reliability:

  • Get news from a variety of sources to hear different perspectives.
  • Look at the significant history and track record of the news source.
  • Be a smart consumer of news.
  • Support quality journalism for it to survive and thrive in the future.

David advocates media literacy for everyone especially for the younger generation. For future journalists, David suggests that they:

  • Get involved in doing serious reporting about the issues our country and our world are facing.
  • Value integrity. Own up to mistakes and errors. Prosecute your own ideas and biases.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Reinvent the industry. Dive into the deep end with it.

When it comes to journalism as a career, are you willing to make a difference and let the truth come to light?


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