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How Resilience, More Intention, And Less Stress Make Better Pathways For Employment 

Whether you’re currently searching for a new job, seeking a promotion where you are, or wondering when you’ll make your next career move, mindset is the key to success. 

There are 3 major skills Beverly points out to keep in your toolkit from her second book, Your GPS to Employment Success: preparation, planning, and persistence. 

Mental and physical preparation, your ability to plan strategically and persistence in spite of negative attacks or lack of praise and encouragement are important.  These attributes will benefit you not only in your employment pursuits and career but in other areas of your life as well.  

Beverly’s guest is Dr. David Bernstein, a retired primary care physician, and author of, Power of 5, The Ultimate Formula for Longevity and Remaining Youthful. 

Highlighted Topics Covered: 

  • Why diet and exercise matter for employment 
  • The need to be resilient about diet and exercise 
  • Doing everything with clear intention 
  • Managing stress (the villain in your story) 

“It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you’re young or old, maintaining the fitness in all the different areas leads to success […] we need to maintain our resilience and our fitness to be successful.” -Dr. David Bernstein 

Both Beverly and Dr. Bernstein agree that diet and exercise are necessary for optimal health and productivity. Dr. Bernstein shares that he decided to practice medicine after seeing the impact poor health had on his grandparents and the stress it caused his mother in addition to the physical ailments.

He advocates developing and maintaining a better lifestyle and adopting wellness as a way of approaching a positive and uplifting life. Dr. Bernstein believes that some of the core anchors are being intentional and handling stress more effectively.

Beverly shares how “we have to be intentional about how we go about putting ourselves in the best possible position to achieve the positive results that we want.” Tackling your diet choices and exercise habits and looking for motivation doesn’t just happen by chance.

She reminds us that doing things with intention is self-motivating. Motivation alone without intention can easily leave you wandering, lost, and not making the best choices for your health. 

Anyone in the job market looking for work also knows too well, the amount of stress that seeking employment and changing careers can cause. Dr. Bernstein shares the value and importance of nurturing connections and social networks.  

Sometimes not be having the right conversations with the right people is the source of stress. Being intentional about how you maintain personal and business relationships is critical not only for your employment matters, but to achieve personal success as well 

“It’s incredibly important to have your social network together to maintain your life and your health.” -Dr. David Bernstein 

There is a strong link between stress, diet, exercise, and how it affects you in both your work and home environments.

Dr. Bernstein’s Power of 5 Take Away (the 5 S’s) 

  1. Sweat more 
  2. Sleep more 
  3. Stress less 
  4. Sugar (less is best) 
  5. Sex (more if possible) 

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