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My guest for this episode of Your Employment Matters is Josh Nicks.  Known as J-Nicks in the Atlanta area, he is an On-Air Personality for HOT 107.9.

Although both of his parents are engineers, Josh knew that college was not his thing. During his high school years, he developed a passion for soccer and music, and was willing to use soccer as a vehicle to college. During spring break of his senior year, he was given the opportunity to work at a local radio station in his native St Louis. Armed with a crash course on what button to push and when, he was given the midnight to 2am time slot. After asking how he was supposed to sound, he was told, “Do it the way you think that radio is supposed to sound.” It was not long before he was moved to the 6-10 time slot. He then became the youngest on-air personality for Radio One. Josh credits this success with being prepared.

“If you are always prepared, then you do not have to get prepared. Be resourceful and figure it out.”

That spring break opportunity lead him to his career.

After high school, he continued to work at the radio station, and also threw parties around St. Louis. Josh’s desire was to work in the Atlanta market, but he was told that it was a tough market to break into. Whenever he was in Atlanta for radio sponsored events, he would make sure to network with everyone, and the next time there was an opening in that market, he received a telephone call. He has now been there for sixteen years. 

Even before the move to Atlanta, Josh developed a large following for himself by being himself, being transparent, and by always being positive.

When asked about his five-year plan, Josh’s response was “to follow the plan of God for my life.” “My father told me that one day I would preach in a church without walls. I feel that I am now doing that every day over the radio waves.” “I also want to own multiple businesses so that I can leave a legacy for my sons.”

When asked to share advice for our listening audience, he shared quite a few nuggets:

  • Focus on what you want to focus on.
  • Chase your dreams.
  • No one owes you anything.
  • Use negativity to propel you forward. When someone tells you what you cannot do, show them how you can do it.
  • Anything is possible if you work for it.
  • Love yourself before you love anyone else.

In closing I must say, Josh is unlike anyone I have ever interviewed before. He is simply amazing. He is a renaissance man.


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