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The Business of Healing with The Business of Healing with Andy Langberg

You are going to love today’s episode. It’s a fascinating conversation about healing, trusting yourself and building a business. Today Beverly is talking to Andy Langberg about his professional journey. He started as a personal trainer (before that was really a thing) and built a business helping clients train and stay in shape.

Andy began to have some personal heath issues and wasn’t getting relief from conventional medicine. He began a personal search for answers. He advanced his knowledge in quantum physics, wave theory and may other layers about how the human body functions.

Reactivation was born. Andy slowly added his “reactivation session” and clients started seeing great results. He slowly transitioned from full time training to full time “Reactivating.”

He and Beverly have a fascination conversation about how to build a business as well as the incredible results he gets for his clients.

You’ll find out how:

  • Andy learned how to grow a business.
  • Having a strong network helped his success – this is something anyone can do.
  • His philosophy about healing and why it’s not what you expect.
  • Andy decided the way he wants his business to grow. Hear how he decided what was best for him.
  • The way Andy is looking to the future and the options he wants to pursue as well as those he walks from.

Andy now teaches others. It’s a separate stream of revenue for him, but he’s mostly concerned about more people getting help.

Andy’s business tips:

  • Don’t quit your day job.
  • Keep your options open – he has a great story about this!
  • Build your network and be the person who’s always making connections.

Find out the one thing that changed his business more than anything! This is something that anyone can do right where they are today.

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