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Diversity Equity and Inclusion with Dr. Diana Artis

As we celebrate Black History Month, let’s not forget the importance of knowing how to embrace differences and interact with people who may not look like us, not just for this month, but also for the upcoming months.

Today Beverly is talking to Dr. Diana Artis, CEO and founder of Olive Branch Educators, about her professional journey towards her mission in diversity, equity and inclusion. She started as a student of psychology and became a clinical psychologist.

She worked in a field for a while and got a chance to live overseas in South Africa, which is a great place to practice cultural competency as a therapist. She also worked in the administration, were she helped teachers, and parents of both sides to come together and embrace differences.

The death of George Floyd made a huge impact and raise a lot of questions about racism. We need to create an environment which can accommodate different religions, thoughts and perspective.

Artis and Beverly have a deep conversation about people having an understanding which applies not only to workplaces but to everyday lives

You’ll find out how:

  • The importance of embracing other people’s differences and respect the right of others.
  • Dr. Diana shares her thoughts regarding cultural diversity, cultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • The challenges of working with different cultures and how to build connection with them.
  • Having a strong connection with one another improves retention.
  • How we can move forward in situations when we don’t agree.
  • Dr. Diana shares her knowledge and resolution on how to help people deal with conflict.

Dr. Diana now teaches others to create spaces to where we are embracing differences as she noticed that there’s a lack of stability in some workplaces.

Dr. Diana’s tips for cultural diversity awareness:

  • Do not take anyone for granted.
  • Keep in mind that different cultures are not the same.
  • Embrace diverse workspaces.

Find out how technology also affects our social skills and patience. We should apply this every day to improve our communication skills.

Connect with Dr. Diana:


Email: info@obeducators.com


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