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Feat on a Diversified Career Journey with Anne Allen

The journey you make in a lifetime of career choices brings experience and compelling connections. These are the things that mold your creativity, perseverance, talent, mindset, and attitude that carries you through each employment chapter.  

Beverly expresses shared appreciation for career mindsets with Anne Allen, a science major who explored microbiology and regulatory affairs before venturing to her digital services business. This is quite a fascinating journey she’s had in her career since growing up, she had always associated herself in the field of sciences and she loved it. The realizations she had during her exploration led her little by little to what her true interests were at that time. 

After several successful career transitions on a diversified career profile, Anne and her family decided to immigrate in Canada and initially stay for a year or two to test the waters. During this time she discovered digital services where she continues to educate herself in running the business. 

Beverly and Anne discussed enterprise success as well as the nature of leadership that leads companies to success. It included Beverly’s reflections of how a workforce should be finding ways to add value alongside making substantial contribution to their enterprise first to drive success in their chosen career and be the top of mind to the management and higher-ups. She validates that courage and boldness helps in delivering you to where you intend to be.  

On this episode, you will learn: 

  • Taking the necessary risks in your employment journey. 
  • The power of sheer audacity.
  • The things to consider before deciding on a career switch. 
  • The confidence you get by delivering value first before anything else. 
  • The importance of being able to evolve in the ever-changing digital technology. 

Currently, Anne Allen enjoys running her digital services business as a web developer in a remote setting. She has been constantly training herself for her business to be able to make a big difference in quality of outputs and turnaround times. 

Here are a few points Anne suggested for a thriving career journey: 

  • If you want to do things and go the extra mile, make sure you’re doing it for you and not just for the company. 
  • If you’re good at something and enjoy doing it, you’re going to be more successful because you’re going to put more effort into it. 
  • In a very rapidly changing environment, do not to be too scared of change because there also lies a lot of opportunities. 

In making a career decision, what will help you move forward and what does this episode give you to think about? 

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