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In Between Career Transitions with Felicia Garland

Sometimes the employment journey takes unexpected turns. At times, you may have control over the changes you encounter, and sometimes you may not. In the same way, the pandemic had an impact on many career transitions because of the effect it had on a country’s economic downturn. 

Today Beverly talks to Felicia Garland, a financial planner who has decided to pivot her career from being a practicing lawyer to taking on a non-legal role. Her employment journey is interesting as she was influenced by her father to take up law early on and she did join a law firm, then worked for the state government, pivoted to an executive business position, then went back to law practice. 

Come 2008 and Felicia was out of position when the recession hit. She came across a friend who is also a former lawyer and introduced her to another career path where she can work on her own time, and there she made her second career transition to become a certified financial planner. 

Felicia and Beverly also discuss in-depth on the subject of how lawyers are being seen and branded in general. The discussion also includes Beverly’s thoughts on how one should position oneself to succeed in their chosen field. She recognizes the good works of career counselors in preparing the young generations in landing their first job given the sound recommendations they give. 

In this episode, you’ll discover: 

  • The varying specializations in the field of law. 
  • The versatility of professional careers. 
  • The circumstances that made Felicia decide on the pivots she made in her career journey, and how she sees those leaps of faith. 
  • The importance of connections and networks in one’s employment journey. 
  • The significance of taking responsibility for your career decisions in life. 
  • The process of building a good reputation for future work references. 
  • The platinum rule besides the golden rule. 

Nowadays, Felicia is also doing a podcast devoted to showcasing successful women in business, law and finance on top of being a certified financial planner. She believes that teaching the basic relationship and employment skills early on in college would greatly help the young generation in landing a good job right after graduation. 

Among Felicia’s tips for successful career pivots: 

  • Think about what you really want out of life, and ask yourself tough questions. 
  • Make sure you are prepared and build a good reputation. 
  • Ensure that the pivot you choose is one that will work for you. 

What is your take on transitioning careers and what did you learn from this episode? 

Connect with Felicia Garland here 

Email: FeliciaGarland@KrietzbergWealth.com 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/flgarland/ 


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