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Expert Talks Strategies to Jump Start Your Cybersecurity Career (For Free)

In today’s climate, it’s difficult to find reliable resources on training in fields that lead to employment. Beverly has a chat with guest Dominic Vogel, a cybersecurity expert, to dispel myths about the cybersecurity industry, how to acquire skills in this field, and who is capable of becoming a part of this industry.  

Dominic began his cybersecurity career in corporate and later joined the entrepreneurial world with his own company Cyber SC. He and his partner provide cyber risk leadership to small and mid-size business owners across the US and Canada. 

Assessing Needs in Cybersecurity Careers: 

  • Being a tech savvy, computer hacking coder is not required 
  • It has one of the best job security elements in the world 
  • Has many highly specialized areas to learn and develop 

“I always advocate to make sure that in order for the field to truly thrive, we need greater levels of diversity on multiple levels, gender diversity, ethnic diversity, socio economic diversity, neuro diversity, and even experienced diversity” -Dominic Vogel 

With scams out there, it’s more important now more than ever for potential job seekers to find reliable and actionable information on how to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Beverly and Dominic discuss a few strategies you can use if you’re considering a career in the field. For any of the strategies mentioned, it’s worth noting that self-learning is easier than ever with the wealth of free resources and information available. 

Strategies to consider for starting your career in cybersecurity: 

  • Deep dive into cybersecurity blogs and video content 
  • Reach out to those in the cybersecurity on LinkedIn 
  • Seek mentors and conversations to enhance your knowledge 

Dominic Vogel also hosts a podcast on cybersecurity for non-technical people called Cyber Security Matters on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. His podcast is yet another free resource with a wealth of information to help people interested in cybersecurity as a career and people learning how to protect themselves and their businesses. 

 “…one of the good things about the field is that we have a very strong network of professionals that are very welcoming, very open to wanting to make the security community better and stronger.”  

Whether you are an individual or a business, it’s important to realize that sustainable security means doing the basics consistently and well. One-time efforts are not sustainable, they require many years of doing the basics well.  

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