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Why Becoming A Greater Asset And Improving Marketable Skills Increase Your Value

In the US, November is the month when we pay special tribute to veterans. On this episode, U.S. Army Veteran Earl L. Jones is joining us to discuss ways to become the most valuable asset to your employer. Earl’s career journey has taken him from sales-oriented banking in a grocery store to working in a branch as a personal banker. Currently, he runs his own insurance agency. 

Becoming an asset, an employee, and an individual with greater marketable value and skills is a superpower that Earl’s career path from the Army to Insurance Agency owner highlights. 

“I was one of those soldiers who quickly learned that you get ahead by being responsible for your own growth and development […] If there’s something that you want, you go make it happen” -Earl Jones 

If you are feeling stuck and frustrated waiting on opportunities and for supervisors and other higher-ups to take notice of you, or grant you higher status and responsibility because you’ve been showing up for work every day for the last 3 years, it’s time to rethink your strategy! 

It’s time to understand that your skills, your assets, and your desire for more is no one else’s responsibility but your own. You must level up your skills continually. 

5 Ways To Become A Greater Asset: 

  • Invest in your personal growth and development  
  • Ask yourself: “how can I make myself irreplaceable?” 
  • Overdeliver results and exceed all expectations 
  • Learn to speak the language of the leaders’ making decisions 
  • Demonstrate value by showing why you are critical to business success 

“[Being a veteran] gave me clarity, taught me character, taught me ethics, it taught me how to lead without always being out in front. Taught me that I don’t need a person’s permission in order to be the best version of me.” -Earl Jones  

Earl and Beverly emphasize the need for you to not expect rewards for satisfactory performance. People have to demand more of themselves by investing the marketable and valuable hard and soft skills that positively impact the organizations they decide to work for. 

Passion and Help for Veterans 

Earl Jones is passionate about opportunities and support for veterans. He has strongly held beliefs about the difficulty some veterans have transitioning from the high-stress combat training environment to civilian life. He believes veterans should be able to more easily access the resources and tools needed to thrive in society. 

If you want to help a veteran, Earl suggests saying, “Hey, I’m here, I’m willing to help you. What does help look like for you?” 

If you are a veteran who needs help translating your military duties, here are useful resources:

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Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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Check out Beverly Williams book: Your GPS to Employment Success 


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