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Optimizing for the Unexpected Employment Journey

Some people knew from a very early age the career path and dream job for them. Beverly knew early on that she aspired to be an attorney and she pursued that dream until it became a reality. Others feel their way through life searching for the right path, and that’s okay too. 

Sergeant Walter Greene served in the Marine Corps for over 20 years but had to find his way through his military career after believing professional baseball was the dream job he would pursue. In this episode, we’re unpacking: 

  • How a dream career is lost 
  • How a new path is discovered 
  • What it takes to optimize a path you never planned on 

Regardless of how your career started and whether you are in your dream job or have been completely derailed from where you thought you’d be, Beverly echoes the importance of you being able to “master the possibilities and take advantage of all of the avenues that may be available to you.”  

Walter Greene’s employment journey reflects the struggle of finding your way and being willing to go with the flow as opportunities present themselves. 

“Once you make that certain rank, you think you’ve learned everything, and I came to find out real quick that, what I thought I knew, I didn’t know.” – Sergeant Walter Green

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