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What It Takes to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Reportedly, there are more than 31 million entrepreneurs in the United States. Entrepreneurship is often thought to be exciting and glamorous, but what does it really take to become a successful entrepreneur? 

Beverly shares the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition that an entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses taking on greater than normal financial risks.” Minimizing risks and creating something from nothing is almost entrepreneurship 101.

Shawn Khorrami joins Beverly to share his unique path into entrepreneurship. If you are considering entrepreneurship, they discuss factors that may be useful:

  • The example set for Shawn by his father’s business endeavors.
  • College education and the role it plays in entrepreneurship.
  • A few characteristics and personality traits of a successful entrepreneur.
  • The complexities of managing employee-employer relationships.

Each entrepreneurial journey will be different.  Everyone has a unique path to success and unique experiences and opportunities that shape who they become and how they approach their business endeavors. Shawn is mindful that, “how you’re perceived is just as important as how you are.” His lessons and experiences are rich and offer guidance on how you can begin your journey.

“How you’re perceived is just as important as how you are.” Shawn Khorrami, Entrepreneur

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