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How To Plan And Create A Successful Employment Journey

Whether you have a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or no degree at all, it is important to remember that formal education does not define success or your ability to obtain success. In fact, it is well documented that a college degree is not required to be successful.

Salimah Williams is joining Beverly to share her interesting educational journey and career planning in real time. Like so many others, what Salimah started off dreaming about has not become the passion she pursues today.

“Success means different things to different people. I encourage you to define success.” -Beverly Williams

As Beverly is a strong advocate for charting your career path, she encourages you to take the time to define what success means to you given your personal preferences and experiences. In this episode, Salimah shares her journey from fashion designer, to pursuing a career in nursing, and to applying for a master’s program in public health.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Network within your professional field early.
  • Select your role models carefully.
  • Create a professional portfolio (even while in school)
  • Develop a career plan with room for unplanned opportunities.

“You don’t want to be completely dialed in to the exclusion of an opportunity that may present itself, one that can catapult you to where you want to go more quickly” -Beverly Williams

This episode is packed with prime examples of two widely different educational journeys. Both Beverly and Salimah share their ups and downs, likes, and dislikes, and experiences applying for educational programs and opportunities.

Charting your employment journey may not be easy. It helps however to have a career plan that includes steps to take along the way.  Hopefully, taking these steps will serve you well. A key lesson to remember is that “opportunity does not always present itself in a recognizable way.” You have to be vigilant in your pursuit and open to exploring new possibilities as they arise.

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