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At different stages of your career, you begin to formulate different expectations from your employer. With time and experience in different industries and different work environments, you start to assess what you can tolerate from management and co-workers, and what you’re not willing to tolerate as well.

75% of employees quit their boss, not their job (source)

Victoria Dew does not consider herself to be a great employee, but has created her business, Dewpoint Communications to help employers create better employee experiences that contribute to both a better life for their employees, and higher productivity for the business.

Have you ever worked for an employer that’s not supportive or invested in your growth? How has microaggressions and toxicity in the workplace affected your stress levels and productivity? Victoria reveals several ways she’s making sure employers see the benefit of improving their internal communication and employee experiences.

“When employees are […] better able to do their jobs, that’s better for business.” -Victoria Dew

Victoria’s employment experience insights and findings shared in this episode:

  • Why a people-powered employee centric business is good business sense
  • Opportunities that exist in this shifting employee market
  • Employee expectations include being happy and satisfied with meaningful work
  • Which skills are worth pursuing in a tech focused future of innovative solutions
  • What people and businesses can expect returning to the office after Covid

The employer-employee relationship doesn’t have to be strained with mistrust and poor communication. No relationship can thrive in those circumstances. Employers that invest in services such as the service Victoria’s company provides, speaks volumes to whether you will find value working together. As Victoria points out, it is an employee’s employment market, and there are ways to leverage the shift and create better relationships and opportunities in your career.

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Website (download The New Rules of Employee Experience and Communications in 2022)

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