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8 Tips To Maintain Mental Emotional Health During A Job Search

Mental health impacts millions of people and is one of those things people can avoid dealing with their entire lives depending on the culture and part of society they were exposed to. Some cultures view seeking therapy and professional help as a sign of weakness and embarrassment.

Among black communities, mental health is only recently being openly discussed. According to NAMI.org, 63% of black people believe that mental health is a sign of weakness, which leads to shame and not having the conversations or seeking the help they need.

Over 11 million adults are estimated to have had serious suicidal thoughts (source)

More recently, there has been the normalization of mental and emotional health in the workplace. Though Covid took us through one of the worst periods in modern global history, it was also part of the change in mental health conversations between employers and employees.

Today’s episode is dedicated to a dear friend, Dansby White. Like many people lost to suicide, his sudden and unexpected departure serves as a wake-up call for all of us to check in with our friends, family, and loved ones, especially the ones that appear to be fine.

Beverly is giving you 8 tips to maintain mental and emotional health during your job search. The tips being shared are from Chapter 1 of Your GPS to Employment Success, Prepare, Plan, Persist, Persevere.

“When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time.” -Unknown

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Remember to check-in on the people you care about, and make sure you have someone to talk to when you’re not feeling your best.

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