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How to Have Multiple Professions & Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Having more than one interest or more than one passion isn’t so unusual. In fact, most of us have multiple interests and as you go through high school and college you are coerced into choosing one path, one direction, and one career.

But why not pursue more than one career? Aside from time, money, and effort, pursuing multiple careers, especially complementary or adjacent careers, makes sense and can lead to a more fulfilling life, in spite of the challenges.

Today’s guest, Dr. Michael Fenster, is better known as Chef Dr. Mike. He is a Board-Certified Interventional Cardiologist, a Professor of Culinary Medicine, and a Professional Chef. Talk about mixing careers. Dr. Mike’s approach and inspiration in creating multiple careers doing what he loves comes from challenging conventional wisdom and being aligned with his interests over enough time to develop career sustaining passions.

“I am a victim of two-by-four-karma, which means I’m not very bright, and I often have to get hit in the head with a two-by-four before I pick and pay attention and follow the path.” -Dr. Mike

Career nuggets from Chef Dr. Mike:

  • From dishwasher to executive chef
  • Becoming a cardiologist after earning his degree in gourmet cooking
  • Personal experiences that influenced his career fusion
  • What culinary medicine is and how seeking truth challenges conventional wisdom

Chef Dr. Mike has a unique career path, rich with experience and filled with challenges along the way of fulfilling his passion. As a bonus, Dr. Mike shares why food is medicine for the body and how to keep your physical and mental health strong with real food, exercise, and meditation.

“If you don’t have 10 minutes a day for a meditation, you probably need 20.” -Dr. Mike

You can connect with Dr. Michael Fenster, a.k.a. Chef Dr. Mike, on his website.

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