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Mentoring Leaders with Linda Dulye

It is no secret that leadership is a skillset that employers’ value, but unfortunately everyone in leadership positions is not an effective leader. 

Our guest today is Linda Dulye. Linda is the president and founder of Dulye & Company, a management and consultant agency founded in 1998.  She has also founded the non-profit organization The Dulye Leadership Experience which advances rising leaders and economic divesity in the Bershires and beyond.

Linda describes herself as a connector who is passionate about providing experience and networking opportunities. Her goal, at least one of them, is to help people reach their full potential, and then be able to give back (with gusto) to their companies, communities, and careers. 

Business comes almost second nature to Linda, who was raised in entrepreneurial family.  She has been working since age 8 in both her mother’s commercial printing business and with her father, who was an editor and publisher of a local newspaper. Growing up she saw firsthand how to see and understand all aspects of business, and to value each and every employee. 

After obtaining an English degree from Syracuse and later a Master’s in International Relations from Drew University, Linda pursued a career in the communications field. Starting out at a daily paper in Philadelphia, she eventually moved to Gray Advertising, to General Electric, and then onto Duracell. Her final corporate job was with Allied Signal, which is now known as Honeywell. 

As Linda successfully transitioned up the corporate ladder, she made sure to proactively advocate on her behalf daily. She suggests that everyone who wants to climb that ladder do the same. For Linda to be accepted in her field, it was important that demonstrate the value that she brought to their business table, and to help to effect work force changes.

The advice Linda leaves with us today is:  

  • Do not ignore your wellness. If you have become negligent, get back to your routine. Make sure you continually read and stay current.
  • Have a strong fixation on the value you bring every day to your organization.
  • Say it. Communicate it. Demonstrate it. This may be difficult now that many of us are not in a physical workspace.

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