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Success is Not One Size Fits All

Success is not a one size fits all deal. It is determined by what you want it to look like.

Today’s guest is Ann Prizzi, an Investment Banker and Vice President of National Securities Corporation. Investment Banking was not Ann’s destination when she graduated from high school, but a series of events led her to a career that she loves today.

As a teen Ann watched her parents fall into credit card debt.  Without the knowledge that is available today through credit repair courses, she took it upon herself to reach out to her parent’s creditors. Ann was able to get their interest lowered and make better payment arrangements. Her system helped her parents to get out of debt.

After graduating from Morris County Community College in New Jersey, Ann accepted a position at Shearson Lehman / American Express. During the interview, she attempted to disqualify herself because she knew nothing about the financial services industry.

Ann enforces how important honestly is during the interview process. 

“I remember telling the interviewer that I would not be a good fit because I did not know who Dow Jones was.”

It turned out that the employer was looking for someone who did not have any experience, and they offered her the position. “Never turn down any opportunities, because someone may see something in you that you are not able to see in yourself.”

From that entry level position, Ann continued to grow and learn more about the industry. Every time she learned a new product, it was accompanied by a new test and a new license. Her first two licenses were the Series 7 and the Series 63.  Ann was enjoying learning new skills and making herself more marketable.

After a few years in the industry, it was time to ask for more responsibility. Ann wanted to move from a Sales Associate to a Broker. It turned out that at that time her employer was looking to hire and promote more women, so she was enrolled in a two-year training program.

While working in that program, Ann was also able to start to build her own accounts. After graduating as one of a few women in that training program, she was now a broker.

In closing, Ann has this perfect tip to share; success does not come to you on a silver platter. It takes work, commitment, and sacrifice.


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