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An Entrepreneur’s Journey Into Podcasting

Beverly talks to Phyllis Nichols, one half of the husband and wife team of SoundAdvice Strategies. They produce podcasts (including Your Employment Matters) for business owners and authors.

Phyllis originally started her business to use her skills to train sales teams. After working with several small businesses, she recognized that poor messaging was keeping talented sales teams from creating meaningful connections.

That was the beginning of messaging and content services. A content client asked for help starting a podcast and Phyllis and team jumped in.

Benefits of Podcasting:

  • Easily accessible platform that listeners are already using
  • For many, it’s easier to verbally share their message and have conversations
  • Getting started is easier than ever
  • Technology has been simplified
  • Evergreen content lives on and can be accessed again and again by new listeners
  • Audiences feel connected to you and begin to trust your expertise
  • Podcast audiences are growing and are looking for resources
  • Listeners can “take you with them” as they commute, exercise, walk the dog, etc.

Phyllis also shared her advice for anyone looking to start their own business, podcast or other projects:

  • Choose yourself and believe in yourself.
  • Ask for help, join a community, and find others who can support you.
  • Allow doors to open and be open to possibilities.
  • Be willing to take the first step even if you don’t know “everything” just yet.

Phyllis’ final piece of advice “be open to possibilities and believe in yourself.”

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