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Having a Plan B with Dr. Legaspi

Being born in a third world country Dr. Owen Legaspi put a high value on education. During our time together today, he will share a bit of his journey to becoming a Health Care Entrepreneur. 

When Doc started this journey, he was studying Internal Medicine. When his father became ill in their native Colombia. and given six months to live, Doc’s plans changed. Fortunately, Doc’s father surpassed all expectations, and he is still alive today. 

During his father’s illness, Doc watched as rehabilitative therapy became an important part of his father’s care after the effects of chemotherapy. During this time, Doc had to drop out of school but was then offered a full scholarship to attend the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey to study Physical Therapy.

Even though that was not his first choice, it became an incredible option.  Physical Therapy is especially important in all patient care from pediatrics to geriatrics. Physical Therapy has even played a significant role in reducing the opioid crisis in America, because there are conservative physical therapy aids that can assist in pain management.  

We train our youth to save money to prepare for their future, but we don’t train them to stay fit to prepare for their future. These two things should go hand in hand.

“The undergraduate degree in physical therapy is no longer being offered in this country,” Doc shares, “but please do not let that stop you from seeking a career in health services. It takes a multidisciplinary team of people from nurses, occupational therapist, speech therapists, physical therapy assistants, and physical therapy techs working hand in hand to provide the best patient outcomes.” 

Dr. Legaspi has advice for anyone thinking about a career in the health care field.  

  • Before you enroll in any program, commit to become a volunteer to obtain some clinical exposure. 
  •  Take a good look deep inside of yourself to make sure that a career in Physical Therapy is what you really want before you make the investment. 
  •  Enroll in a reputable school that can tell you how many students they accept each year, how many graduate, pass the State Board Exam, and how many are able to find employment in their field. Every school should have this data readily available. 
  • If you still need additional information, you can also look up Physical Therapy online, or visit www.americanphysicaltherapyassociation.org

In closing Doc wants everyone to know that owning a health care facility is the same as any other entrepreneurial endeavor. It does not matter whether you are selling a product, a service, or a treatment, customer service is paramount. 

When you first get started, remember it is easier to feed a small animal than a big one. I started this practice with 2 treatment rooms, and now I have 3 locations, one in Livingston, one in North Caldwell, and one in Scotch Plain NJ.  Do not overextend yourself. 

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