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Why Having Multiple Income Streams Isn’t a Luxury, It’s A Necessity!

When you consider living through a global pandemic that rendered businesses and entire economies helpless, and you consider the number of people that are one paycheck away from being homeless, you have to ask yourself how do people sleep at night knowing they are relying on one income to survive?

Technology is changing the landscape of the workforce. Jobs are becoming obsolete and as technology advances and infiltrates our day to day lives, changing our habits and needs, entire industries are being jeopardized. More reasons exist today than ever before for why having multiple incomes streams isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

Michele Banister, a.k.a. Michele Sfakianos, is the ideal example of what having multiple income streams can be. She is a registered nurse, a certified coach, a speaker, an educator, a trainer, and a radio host with professional writing services.

“There’s plenty of resources out there that can point you in the right direction. So the only person that can take responsibility for moving is yourself.” -Michele Banister

Key ideas from Michele:

  • Unlikely educational path
  • Juggling multiple jobs with kids at home
  • How to reinvent yourself
  • How to quit the right way

After hearing this episode, you should be ready to plan out potential income streams beyond where you are at the moment. Think vertically and horizontally and consider what adjacent industries and skills you can put to work, or skills you can develop. Starting with one additional income stream will help build your confidence.

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The 411 of Reinventing You 

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