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Workplace Ethics and Etiquette You Need for Your Employment Journey

In your personal life, being ethical may not be a conscious thought or an idea you have to think about too much. You know right from wrong and as a good citizen, you abide by the rules of the society we live in. In the workplace, however, ethics may sound like a different conversation and isn’t always black or white.

In a 2015 survey, it was stated that 84% of upper and mid-level management polled considered their staff to be inconsiderate and rude, while 65% believed their staff lacked a moral compass. Questions may arise. Is this an ethical issue or a problem with etiquette? Is this the kind of work environment you currently work in? Would you choose to move into a work environment like this?

In this episode, Beverly points out the hotspots you should be aware of around ethics and etiquette. More importantly, this episode can serve as a guide and compass for you in your employment journey as you navigate murky waters with your current employer. You may need to consider whether to seek a new employment opportunity.

“It’s up to you to do the work necessary to determine whether or not the employers that you’re considering seeking employment from are reputable people of integrity, so you don’t have any ethical, unethical experiences.” Beverly Williams

Key points covered:

  • Actions don’t have to be illegal to be unethical
  • Red flags may include communication, wage and hour issues 
  • What to do if you suspect unethical activity in the workplace
  • Old fashion manners and decent behavior is still “in”
  • Etiquette also applies to texts, emails, and verbal communications.

When it comes to being ethical and demonstrating proper etiquette, the important thing to remember is to always put your best foot forward and conduct yourself honestly and with integrity. Your reputation matters and so does your personal brand.

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