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Learn How to Stand Out and Get Noticed at Work

Beverly is an employment expert. In today’s inaugural episode, she breaks down how perception is reality and how to benefit from standing out.
What is a successful career? How can you achieve success on your terms? Beverly shares a template that you can use to develop your own career plan.
What does sports media have to do with your job search?
Beverly breaks it down using LeBron James’ career moves. Here are the key highlights:
• Create specific career goals
• Perform at the highest level
• Allow a reasonable time to achieve your goals
• Objectively evaluate your talent and marketability

Can you achieve your goals where you are now?
What needs to happen?
What changes can you make?

Guest Alexis Jones joins Beverly to discuss how to transition in today’s job market. Find out why and how she decided that after years of thinking she’d pursue medical school she made the change to journalism.

A natural leader, Alexis took an internship and ended up running the program! She knew for certain that she’d found her career.
In graduate school she said yes to everything. Don’t miss the Greyhound bus story!

Alexis also shares how she’s overcome obstacles, personal and professional. Hear how she’s continued to keep her focus despite not always getting a “yes”.

Find out how she built her network. She breaks down how those connections have opened doors in unexpected ways. It’s something everyone can do, and she shares tips that everyone can use.
Don’t miss her final tip for getting your dream job. It’s super helpful and something for you to consider.


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