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Your Career Destination Plan with Dr. Huber

Find out why you can become your own career adviser. Hiring a coach is a great option, but it’s not always possible. Knowing how to advocate for yourself is invaluable.

Get insights to multiple options that are often overlooked. Many positions go unfilled for lack of knowledgeable skilled employees.

Get the 8 questions that will help you focus on what’s best for you when you consider your employment options. An honest assessment will help you develop a guiding

The Interview

Dr. Huber

Beverly talks with Dr. Huber. He has a successful dental practice, he’s an avid runner and has a rock-star son. Seriously.

Amazingly he knew he wanted to be a dentist since the age of 9. Even so, his career path wasn’t a straight line. Dr. Huber’s shares how he was able to help himself, starting in high school and continuing through college.

Hear how to:

  • Connect with leaders in the community
  • Cultivate long-term relationships that lead to opportunities
  • Become an advocate for yourself and for others
  • Manage the stress of treating patients and maintaining a practice
  • Build a practice using internal marketing and word of mouth marketing
  • How going the extra mile serves patients and Dr. Huber too

Dr. Huber shares how he learned to be the boss. College prepared him to treat patients; he had to look to other resources for the business side of his practice.

Don’t miss his advice to people who are looking at the dentistry profession. His advice is also relevant for anyone looking to be a practitioner that serves patients.



Connect with Dr. Huber

Beverly outlines the 3 things you’ll gain with a plan.

  • Creating a resume will be much easier
  • You can draft your own personal pitch
  • It gives you a chance to decide your non-negotiables

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