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The Rock Star and Following Your Dream with Sean Huber

It’s not every day that you get to talk to a rock star. Beverly interviews Sean Huber, a musician, songwriter and yes, a legit rock star.

Hear how Sean was able to follow his passion. He knew at a young age that he wanted to be in a band. Like most of us, his career didn’t take a predictable path.

A couple of weeks after graduating from college, he started a national tour with Modern Baseball. He was also working with a video production company and had to step away from that to follow his musician dream.

Being a rock star isn’t all glamour. Sean shares how the band dealt with not making much money, playing small (not always full) venues. As they grew, the challenges changed from worrying about finances to working with managers and technicians and the demands of being on tour.

Sean’s insights from his career can help all of us. He shares:

  • How to expand your reach
  • What to do when you have down time, or want to pursue additional opportunities
  • How to support others dealing with challenges
  • Why being transparent and honest can bring unexpected benefits
  • Managing challenges on your own terms

Sean shares his personal advice for aspiring musicians and future rock stars. Talent matters, but don’t discount determination and drive. Like his father, Dr. Huber (link to his episode here) Sean also recommends being open to networking and taking advantage of opportunities.

You’ll enjoy hearing how this down-to earth musician keeps his focus on the things that matter most.

Sean’s Music:

Modern Baseball

Vicky Speedboat

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