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How to Find In-Demand Job Opportunities Today

Worker shortage? Yes! Today’s episode covers how economic and generational changes are impacting the workforce requirements.

Guest Dr. Betty Ann Cook joins Beverly and they discuss the new opportunities that are available. Many have increased in demand even more during the current pandemic timeframe.

What is workforce development and why does it matter?

  • The on-demand workforce is employee focused more than ever
  • Educators, government entities and employers are working to solve employment gaps
  • Workforce need vary by location; high-paying jobs are available but aren’t the same in all markets
  • It’s never too early to build your foundation. You can start in high school by searching for the in-demand opportunities
  • Technology, virtual and distance learning allow employers and workforce experts to change quickly as demands shift
  • Business leaders, educators and public organizations work together to support the employment needs in their area and support the educational needs required, often at low cost or no cost.

How do jail to job opportunities work? Dr. Cook explains that matching the right person is critical to success for both the employer and the ex-offender. She outlines the resources that are available to make a successful transition.

There are employers looking for skilled workers every day. This episode will help you understand how to recognize where those opportunities are and how to access the resources.


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