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How to Break Glass Ceilings with Jocelyn King

You’ve heard about the glass-ceiling for years. The difficulty women and minorities faced to advance their professional careers was not their imagination. Getting hired or promoted into a senior position may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Today’s guest, Jocelyn King, is an impact life coach with a senior executive background from Silicon Valley. Among numerous accolades, Jocelyn was been voted a Top 10 Woman in Cybersecurity. She coaches and inspires people to live their life better on purpose.

“I had to learn how to overcome the fears and limitations that I was primarily putting on myself.” -Jocelyn King

Jocelyn has had such an impressive career, and yet in spite of her success, she’s still had to overcome the fears and limitations she placed on herself. We all have struggles both internally and externally that we have to overcome to learn how to break through the glass ceiling and become movers and shakers.

Ideas we discuss for breaking through the glass ceiling:

  • What it means to be movers, shakers and glass-ceiling breakers
  • Being in the room where decisions are made
  • Overcoming self-imposed limitations

Jocelyn has a logical, direct approach to employment and climbing the corporate ladder that really resonates with those who hear it.  A first step is understanding that there are conversations taking place with or without you. Rather than becoming angry and feeling victimized, consider taking Jocelyn’s tips and strategies to get in the room so that new roles are created for you instead.

“If you apply for a position that’s already posted, it’s too late.” -Jocelyn King

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