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Using Connections to Spot Career Opportunities

It’s easy to assume that getting the job you want is tied directly to the degree you earned and the specific skills you have. Yet, there is ample opportunity existing outside of your comfort zone that allows you to explore a different career path than the one you expected.

Charlene Shapiro, the Vice President of Human Resources for the WNET Group, shares her 25 year experience building a career with Pfizer, Inc. that gave her the opportunity to explore many departments and interests. Charlene started her education focused on being a teacher, but gave herself the space to figure out and experience what she enjoyed more along the way.

“One of the things I realized very quickly working in corporate America is that relationships were a key to success.”

Charlene Shapiro 

In your career, opportunities are dependent on the connections and relationships you build over time. Charlene shares how building a rapport with people in other departments benefited her career. 

Key insights Charlene shares:

  • Exploring a career path instead of following it
  • Relationship building up and down the chain to build rapport throughout
  • The state of HR and employers retaining employees post-Covid

The exciting news is that even with tons of opportunities, there are more opportunities to work remotely if you desire to. Employers are having a hard time making a daily commute and reason to be in office appealing for employees. When weighing options on what your next career move is, make sure that you consider lateral moves and moves that may not include more money.

“It’s really important to connect to people on a personal level. You can keep that business distance, but people need to know you care about them as a human being.” -Charlene Shapiro 

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