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Know the Culture You’re Applying For with Julia Kirst

The ability to work remotely has opened opportunities for people to apply to work in any state and in any country regardless of their location. Seems like the playing field should be level, but cultural differences and expectations can make it difficult and nearly impossible to secure employment if you’re not conscious of these differences.

Julia Kirst is a cross-cultural strategist that helps international professionals secure employment opportunities in the U.S. Julia understands that being highly qualified isn’t enough without context and knowledge of cultural values. Her advice is worthwhile wherever you live and work.

“Having an awareness of what’s normal for the other person is so important. We can only respond properly if we understand how that person is reading us”-Julia Kirst

Ideas to consider when applying for employment outside of your country:

●How to present your skills and credentials

●Understanding your audience or the gatekeeper is a benefit

●Interviewers are human and want to be seen and heard also

Julia released her book, What the United States Wants, to help broaden the reach of the international clients she consults with on a one-on-one basis. She considers her books to be a roadmap and guide that can be used as a resource when applying for study, work, and visa opportunities in the U.S. Julia’s book can also be a great resource and food for thought if you are U.S. based and applying for international employment opportunities.

“I can give them the tools to understand what is expected of them and to present their skills and their credentials in a way that is respected by the gatekeeper”-Julia Kirst

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