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The Business of Entertaining with Ace Brown

Entertainment is a diversion from the stressors of life. In this episode of Your Employment Matters, we are chatting with comedian par excellence, Ace Brown, who is doing his part to keep us laughing.

Ace Brown has been a stand- up comedian since the age of 8.  He has appeared in Cheerios commercials as well as on Nickelodeon.  Ace has also opened for great acts such as Paul Mooney, Tommy Davidson, Coco Brown, and The Kevin Hart.  His comedy is not only entertaining, but adaptable to all audiences.

Ace got his start on Open Mic nights at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick, NJ.  Working at the comedy club gave him exposure to people who would be able to catapult his career, but not much money. Soon after becoming a regular at the Stress Factory, an older comedian by the name of Big Love introduced him to the Chitlin Circuit. 

Starting in the 1940s, the Chitlin Circuit consisted of non-conventional places, such as local bars, where African Americans could perform for people who looked like them.  The venues used also provided places for local African Americans to meet and socialize safely.

“I got tired of waiting for the phone to ring.” was the response given when I asked Ace why he decided to create multiple streams of income.  Ace Brown Productions was founded in 2012.  Under this company, Ace produces and sells merchandise, provides voice overs, and many other talents and services needed in the performance industry. He also has an urban adult contemporary radio show from 3pm – 7pm Monday through Friday in Fayetteville NC.   

And if that is not enough, he and a few of his friends created a Podcast called, “Dad’s Intervention”, where they cover all topics from a dad’s perspective. Although none of the contributors has a license or degree in psychology, they all bring advice straight from their hearts.

When asked what advice he would give to an up and coming performer, Ace replies, “Keep going, and do not quit. Utilize social media as much as possible, and use TicToc to show your skills to the world.   If you are a comedian, just keep writing, keep living, and keep being funny.”

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Email / book Ace: aceisfunny@gmail.com.


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