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How to Excel in Less than Ideal Work Environments (Part Two)

Beverly continues her discussion with Carolyn Powell who explains the value and the significance of a 360 evaluation.

“With the 360 evaluation, you are examined from all sides. Your supervisor, your peers, and any subordinates are asked for feedback regarding your performance.

This can even include a cross functional team review, if you have recently worked with other teams on projects.” This evaluation will show you strengths and weaknesses and can be an excellent tool for growth.

Although never desirable, sometimes you may find yourself working with a new, or a bad manager. There are certain steps that you should consider using to improve your workplace experience. Your first step could be to speak to the manager directly.  Start with “I’m concerned” or “How can we work together” to form a plan of action.

Remember to always be respectful because the person is still your manager. If you are not able, or do not feel comfortable with addressing your manager directly, then you can always go to your HR team. They should be able to coach you on how to best address your manager.

The one thing that you do not want to do is to start complaining in the lunchroom.  This casts you in a negative light and will eventually get back to your manager.

Being a new grad is never easy and being in the middle of a pandemic does not help. If you are a new grad seeking employment, be sure to talk to everyone. Talk to the parents of your friends and ask a lot of questions.

Ask them what they do, and the likes and dislikes of their occupation. If they see that you are genuinely interested, they may be able to introduce you to someone who may help you.  Always be respectful of their time and treat each encounter as a job interview. People will be willing to help you if you just reach out.

As a final note, please always send a thank you note to everyone that you encounter on your job search. A note of thanks will set you apart from the rest and show your appreciation.

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