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Workplace Changes During COVID with HR Expert Michelle Lopez

Many challenges exist for Human Resource Professionals during this pandemic season. Because everyone does not have the necessary video platforms, face to face communication is almost impossible with some people. My guest today is employment attorney Michelle Lopez, who, as a Human Resource Consultant specializing in Training and Development, deals with this often.

Michelle matriculated through University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in criminology, and University of Wisconsin – Madison, with her JD. She has practiced employment law in media, sports, and entertainment industries where she developed an innovative approach to multifaceted workplace challenges.  She has also appeared as an on-air legal analyst for several high-profile television shows.

Because of COVID and many people working remotely, many are no longer working a regular 9-5 workday, nor are they confined to residing in a certain geographical area. Certain industries are going to be remote for the foreseeable future, and this gives people the opportunity to hold these jobs in places such as NYC, but live in areas where they will have a much better quality of life. Also, by being able to work remotely, people are not necessarily looking for jobs based upon income. Michelle pointed out that because of COVID, she has taken a position that offered lesser pay, but has given her the opportunity to learn and strengthen skills that she would not have had otherwise.

As a Human Resource Consultant, Michelle has had the opportunity to work for companies from NYC to California. One thing that she pointed out is that regardless to where you live, most people are more alike than different. Every employee basically wants the same thing.  They are looking for promotion opportunities, rewarding relationships with management, to feel fully supported, and to be able to believe in the company.


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