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Find a Job and HR Trends for 2021

Beverly continues her conversation with Michelle Lopez. The conversation starts with the changes in AI (artificial intelligence) in HR specifically. Is HR changing? Yes! AI is now helping to sort resumes. 

AI provides cost-effective methods to evaluate data, recognize patterns and automate processes. Things all done by people, which will now be done with AI + people. AI and automation aren’t going anywhere which is why Michelle recommends doing your homework so you can be prepared for changes in your industry. 

Ideas for researching: 

  • Search (industry) trends 2021 (example HR trends 2021)
  • Do your research and find what interests you 
  • Prepare for what’s coming; be adaptable to changes
  • Develop skills for what’s coming (once you’ve identified areas of interest) 

There is more uncertainty than normal this year which is impacting HR and the criteria for personnel management decisions. What happens when people don’t want to go back to the office? 

Michelle also relays how safety concerns impact workplace cultures. HR leaders will need to add these policies for leadership. Communication is key and it’s more of a challenge because we can’t sit down together in person. 

Looking for an HR career? 

Michelle explains that her HR journey wasn’t traditional. She worked in the legal part of business and then move into the strategy part of HR. Her advice: find out how to get a seat at the table. C suite executives may not invite HR, but if you bring other business skills with you, it can be a good way to bring value to your employer. 

HR Specialization Options

If you want to get into or stay in HR, one good way to advance is in specialization. Things like training and development,  talent management and compensation management are just a few areas that may provide different opportunities for your long-term. 

What’s the biggest personnel problem for business today? 

Michelle explains that companies are struggling to find the candidates they want in a timely manner. Even with a job market that is less competitive finding the right fit, is taking longer than ever. 

There’s sometimes a disconnect with recruiters understanding the business needs. It is important to understand what’s happening in the industry, not just a list of credentials. 

Parting Advice

If you are looking for work, a recent graduate or in an industry that’s not growing, use this time as an opportunity. Build your skills and your knowledge so you can position yourself to create the career path that works for you. 


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